BFH Fluent Handwriting Manual

BFH Fluent Handwriting Manual

The BFH Fluent Handwriting Manual is a complete instructional package for all ages. The manual is your reference, containing all information needed to learn and teach the BFH method.

You will find help for right and left-handers, remedies for common problems, words and sentences to practice and much more.

There are no consumable workbooks to purchase every year for every child! Everything you will need is included, from teaching the youngest children to the oldest student looking to improve his or her handwriting.

These sections cover the content of the manual:

  1. How To Use This Program is a brief explanation of the program.
  2. Posture, Pen Hold & Paper Position addresses in detail all that is in the title, including comfortable seating with good lighting, and positions for right and left-handers.
  3. Exercise Patterns, Related Letters & Practice Words Please see the sample page with its full explanations.
  4. Reference for Lowercase Alphabet
  5. Reference for Capital Alphabet
  6. Reference for Numerals
  7. Joining Letters presents joins in the order of ease with which most people can write them.. Here you see part of join three and four.
  8. Missteps & Myths addresses all of the most common handwriting problems that are real or perceived, and offers solutions. The sample page shows some problems that affect legibility and/or speed.
  9. Practice Words and Sentences
  10. Glossary
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