Barchowsky Fluent Handwriting (BFH) is an innovative program designed to joyfully learn, teach, and improve handwriting, for all ages.


Simple letter forms make BFH easy to learn, and easy to teach.

Students learn only one alphabet. There is no transition from print-script to conventional cursive required by other handwriting methods.

Retraining of fine motor habits is not required for true cursive writing!


Handwriting is a graphomotor skill. It involves memory of letter formations, spelling, grammar, context and more.

Fluid handwriting allows thought to travel unimpeded from mind to paper. It is academically critical to develop efficient thought transmission without pausing to recall the shape of letters.

Easily Mastered

The italic letter forms of the BFH alphabet are constructed from a core set of easily mastered shapes.

The letter forms flow freely into cursive (joined-up writing) for a lifetime of legible, fast, and pleasurable writing.

Take a look at the products page for detailed information about the manuals and exemplar fonts that will serve all your needs.

A cutting edge handwriting program internationally acclaimed for its excellence!

How It Works

One basic alphabet serves students from childhood into adulthood with legibility, speed and individuality.

BFH is a proven method. Adults who learn this method confirm later that they have retained its principles in their own distinctive writing.

BFH letters taught to beginners evolve seamlessly into joined-up (true cursive) writing. BFH never changes letter formation. Teaching time is saved!

Alternative Methods

The Alternative Methods page explains in detail how the BFH teaching method compares to other commonly used handwriting methods.

Manuals and Exemplar Fonts

Fix It... Write

Fix It… Write contains a series of lessons designed to help older students and adults correct, improve or change their handwriting.

BFH Fluent Handwriting Manual

BFH Fluent Handwriting Manual is a complete instructional package for all ages. It contains all the essentials needed to learn and teach the BFH method.

Playful Beginnings

Playful Beginnings is a companion set of practice sets to be used along with the BFH Manual. Intended for the youngest learners, it contains many fun pre-writing activities that develop fine motor skill, good pencil hold, and easy rhythmic movement.

Barchowsky Dot OT

The Barchowsky Dot OT font lets you create your own exemplars for children who are learning to make letter shapes.

Barchowsky Fluent Hand OT

The Barchowsky Fluent Hand OT font is for students learning how to join letters together.