The Barchowsky Fonts

Download these exemplar fonts to create custom practice pages.

Barchowsky Dot OT is for beginners. Dots within the letters indicate where strokes start. There is some minimal joining to assist development of maximum legibility.

Barchowsky Dot OpenType font sample

Barchowsky Fluent Hand OT does not have the guiding dots. Once children learn the letter formations, you may want both unjoined and joined letters when students first learn to join. You can turn contextual alternates (joining) on or off.

Barchowsky Fluent Hand OpenType font sample

The features of the Barchowsky Fonts include joining of letters as instructed in the BFH program, guidelines, warmup exercise patterns, all diacritical marks for western languages and all math symbols. Adobe’s InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop support all features.

Please note limitations. In the recent operating systems for Mac, both Text Edit and Pages provide Barchowsky Dot OT and Barchowsky Fluent Hand OT in the joined version but not as unjoined. Special characters (glyphs) such as Guidelines, etc. are inaccessible. Mellel is an excellent word processor for Mac that supports all features at $39.00 or $29.00 for educators.

Windows users who do not have the Adobe applications can use Barchowsky Fluent Hand OT with Microsoft Word. Barchowsky Dot OT does not display properly. Please note the special price for Barchowsky Fluent Hand OT only.

Of course all limitations are subject to change with future updates, and we will try to keep you informed.